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MAWU Film's Second Release is here!
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Bringing back lost masterpieces. Lovingly restored.

Proudly introducing our second release!

Black God, White Devil (LE)

One of the most acclaimed and influential Brazilian films ever made.


Mawu Films is proud to present this milestone of Brazilian filmmaking in a brand new 4K restoration of the original 35mm materials preserved by the Cinemateca Brasileira.

Featured in Winter 2023 edition of

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Our 1st Release
Our first release

Man Marked for Death, 20 Years Later

(Cabra Marcado para Morrer)

For the first time ever, making its Blu-ray debut, Eduardo Coutinho’s 1984 multi-award-winning landmark 'Man Marked for Death, 20 Years Later. '


Mawu Films is extremely proud to release this must-have fully restored film for anyone interested in world cinema or the history of documentary filmmaking.


Featured in June 2022 edition of

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Our Story

Mawu Films is an independent UK Blu-ray distribution company specialising in multi-award winning African and Latin American cinema.


The ethos of the company is to bring rare masterpieces to light, selected from different decades and film movements. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and nourish new conversations around revered classics, so long hidden from the world.


Using the best available material for our audience, each Limited Edition will be paired with an original poster, a documentary, an audio commentary, a booklet containing a newly commissioned essay by a leading expert, short films, and original archival material where available. It is hoped that these additions to the film package will provide viewers with a valuable insight into the filmmaker’s creative process, as well as shedding light on their unique historical context. The Blu-rays will be restored for the first time and will be released in their original language, with optional subtitles in a range of other languages, including English.


We also intend to produce Standard Editions at a reasonable price, which we hope will encourage new audiences to experience these rare cinematic landmarks.

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